Gran to release book two

An authoress and grandmother of seven is preparing to release her second book - despite only taking up writing in her retirement.

Angela Rigley, 65, of Cromford Road, Langley Mill, found her creative spark when she joined a writing group in Eastwood in 20006

Four years later she had her first book Looking for Jamie, published - and now she is preparing to release its sequel A dilemma for Jamie.

Both titles are set in Victorian England and follow its young hero,separated from his poor mother when she is imprisoned and sent to live with a rich family, as he gets to grips with his new life, household ,and in the sequel, his boarding school.

Former civil servant Angela enjoyed writing the first book so much, she decided to pen another. She said: “When you put down a book, you think you’ve lost those friends - it’s good to know that with a sequel you can get re-acquainted with them, you don’t have to part.”

Angela, who said she has always been drawn to the Victorian era and did most of her research for the novels online - said she aborted attempts to write books in her forties. But she found writing copy with a pen and paper too laborious. It was only when she invested in a computer that her authorship flourished. She said. “Now I get up, put the kettle on, grab the laptop and head back to bed to write, it’s wonderful.”

A Dilemma for Jamie is available online at Amazon, or from, priced £7.99.