Grandma’s a black belt

Pauline Bramman
Pauline Bramman
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A 68-YEAR-OLD woman set to become a great-grandmother later this month has got her black belt in karate.

Pauline Bramman from Nuthall joined Kimberley’s Shotokhan karate club ‘reluctantly’ back in 1999.

“I stood watching my granddaughter in her karate lesson and her sensai (teacher) was trying to persuade me to join,” she said.

“Thinking I was too old at the age of 56 I poo-pooed the idea, but his persistence made me give it a shot. I’ve never looked back and I feel fighting fit to be honest.”

But Pauline, of Drummond Drive, who has two sons and five grandchildren, said her achievement will ‘pale into insignificance’ later this month after the birth of her first great-grandchild.

The modest karate black belt has worked as a community nurse with Nottingham City Health Care for the past 23 years. She is also a member of Kimberley’s amateur dramatics groups NOWMADS and is a spiritual healer at a church in Ruddington.

She said: ”My life has been enriched by a wonderful family and the lovely people I meet through the karate club and through working.

“I have been very fortunate and long may it continue!”

Pauline has no plans to quit karate just yet.