Great-grandma knits 200 poppies

Hazel Arbuthnott, outside The Children's Society shop in Kimberley, with the WW1 display.
Hazel Arbuthnott, outside The Children's Society shop in Kimberley, with the WW1 display.
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A 78-year-old great-grandmother has knitted just under 200 poppies in one month to thank soldiers who gave their lives in the war.

Hazel Arbuthnott, of Giltbrook Crescent, Giltbrook, had been told by her daughter about the campaign for knitted poppies being run by BBC Radio Nottingham and she decided to get involved.

By September 27 she had knitted 195 poppies, 100 of which spell out ‘lest we forget’ in the window of The Children’s Society charity shop in Kimberley where she was manager for 27 years.

The retired owner of the Modern Estates agency said that she felt it was a way of thanking those who fought in the world wars.

She added: “I feel we owe them a great debt.

“We wouldn’t be here today if things had gone wrong during either of those wars, and so this is my way of repaying a little of that debt.

Hazel was taught to knit by both her parents when she was a child, including her father who was the manager of a mine.

She said: “I’ve always knitted lots of things - you name it, I’ve knitted it.

“It takes me about 35 minutes to finish one poppy, but I do it in the evenings while I’m watching the television.”

She has been knitting two different flower designs - a curly poppy and a cup poppy.

However, Hazel said that she would stop knitting soon after the 200 mark because she was running out of wool and her and her daughter had been paying for it.

Hazel has also been knitting some extra poppies for people who have visited The Children’s Society and asked to buy one, and has already made an extra £80 for the Royal British Legion.

The ‘lest we forget’ display will be part of an exhibition at the Nottingham Contemporary this week, and will later go to BBC Radio Nottingham.

All the poppies will be sold with all proceeds going to The Royal British Legion.