Green Party announces its candidates for Broxtowe Borough Council elections

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The Green Party have announced that they have three candidates representing the Kimberley ward in the upcoming Broxtowe Borough elections.

David Kirwan, Janet Pearce and Kat Boettge have been announced as the three Green Party candidates.

All three councillors resigned last summer from Kimberley Town Council over the apparent lack of democratic practices but Kat was re-elected onto the Town Council undetested later this year.

Janet recently defected from the Labour Party to the Greens and she was welcomed with open arms.

The Green Party said: “We are looking forward to campaigning on local issues including the proposed route of the tram, protecting the greenbelt, Oxylane and the Cemetery Chapel.”

Kat Boettge, David Kirwan and Janet Pearce are currently campaigning against the controversial plans of Kimberley Town Council to convert the Cemetery Chapel into a social hub which they believe will compromise the original features and architecture for a lot of money.

Additionally they are campaigning against the corporate Oxylane development, which would not only threaten the greenbelt but also local leisure centres.