Greens call for Kimberley by-election

Kat Boettge was called 'Eva Braun' by Cllr Andy Cooper
Kat Boettge was called 'Eva Braun' by Cllr Andy Cooper

Two councillors who quit Kimberley Town Council are calling for a by-election to allow residents to have their say on who replaces them.

Green party representatives Kat Boettge and David Kirwan are urging the council to advertise the vacancies immediately as the by-election cannot be called until it does.

In order to hold a by-election, ten local residents must put a request for the poll in writing to the council.

The former councillors say they are confident there are enough residents prepared to submit letters.

Mr Kirwan said: “There is a lot of concern about the running of the council.

“A by-election would give local residents the opportunity to say whether they fully support the council, and they will vote with that in mind, or whether they share our concerns and want a renewed mandate.”

“Should the by-election take place we also urge each member of the council to take the opportunity to stand down from their position and have their mandate renewed by the electorate.”

If a by-election does not take place, the council will have the opportunity to co-opt replacements for the positions left vacant by Ms Boettge and Mr Kirwan and there has apparently been an expression of interest in the positions.

Chairman of Kimberley Town Council, Cllr David Nunn said that although it is the democratic right of ten or more citizens to call a by-election, it would cost the town council £8,000.

He added: “This seems unnecessary a few months from elections in May 2015 and is a surprising call from people accusing Kimberley Town Council of imprudent financial management.”