Greens councillor Kat Boettge who resigned from Kimberley Town Council has been re-elected

Kat Boettge outside Kimberley parish hall..
Kat Boettge outside Kimberley parish hall..

A Green Party candidate has been re-elected to Kimberley Town Council just three months after quitting over concerns about the running of the council and its finances.

Kat Boettge resigned her seat on the council in August along with fellow green member David Kirwan in the hope the council would decide to hold a by-election and give residents the opportunity to voice their concerns about the council.

However, Cllr Boettge stood unopposed and therefore has been re-elected, making her the only green party member on the council.

Cllr Boettge said that this was not the way she had wanted to rejoin the council but that she was pleased to be representing the interests of the people of Kimberley once again.

She added: “I needed to leave out of principal as staying would mean colluding with the lack of democratic practice and I felt I had no choice.

“I would have liked there to have been an election so that the electorate could have expressed their opinion through the ballot box, but they will have this opportunity next year.”

She hopes all the Kimberley Town Councillors will be able to work together despite their differences and that they had made positive changes such as being more transparent with finances.

She said: “The purpose of the Council is to serve the community, and this is what I am aiming to do.”