Group allows the elderly to socialise

Kimberley Pensioners Association are looking for new members, pictured are from left Anne Carr and Janet Hyslop
Kimberley Pensioners Association are looking for new members, pictured are from left Anne Carr and Janet Hyslop

Anne Carr has been running the Kimberley Pensioners Group for over ten years.

The group meets at Kimberley Parish Hall each Wednesday and is a great place for elderly members of the community to get together and socialise.

“The job just fell into my lap really,” said Anne.

“I started helping out because the man who ran it had cancer. He then resigned and I was left holding a baby, so I took it on.

“I do all the roles wrapped up in one really now. I’m treasurer, organiser, secretary, everything to do with the running of the club.”

Hitting 80 later this year, Anne, from Nuthall, thinks it was her busy job as a canteen manager that helps her keep going with it.

“I used to run a canteen doing 200 dinners or more every day and I think that set me in good stead for what I do now,” she said. “I worked as a catering assistant for 12 years and manager for 12 years, so 28 years in total.”

But the kind-hearted volunteer said she really enjoys what she does.

“I love it, they are all my friends really,” she said.

“I like the social aspect of it.”

And Anne says she has no plans of stepping down from the post anytime soon.

“It’s a lot of preparation work I do for it and it does make me wonder how much longer I can carry it on because I’m 80 in December. But I’m not quitting just yet, hopefully I’ll be able to do it for many more years yet.”

Members meet every Wednesday between 1.30pm and 3pm and have speakers, singers, entertainers, Bingo and tea and biscuits.

But Anne said everybody’s favourite part was the day trips.

“The day trips are the best. They love going out. We have a few outings every month, probably more in the summer.

“We’ve been around Derbyshire, to Bakewell, we go to pubs for carveries, anywhere for a nice day out.

“We’re going to Wicksteed for a Christmas concert and lunch this December.

“We had a magician the other week and a lady from a local bird charity came in with her parrots and did a talk.”

This week they had a Halloween theme and enjoyed pie and peas to celebrate the occasion.

Anne decorated the hall and put on a bring-and-buy sale.

Anne said the group offered a fantastic opportunity to get pensioners out of the house, enabling them to socialise and improve their general wellbeing.

“It gets people out and gets them to meet people and have a chat.

“It’s better than them staying at home all day. Some people just don’t get out otherwise.

“So many social groups have folded.

“There’s so many people out there on their own and it helps them – it’s all for their welfare.

“Every time they are meeting up with their friends. They look forward to it sand they sit in their little groups. It’s great for the mental well being, that’s what it’s all about.”

As well as raising money through entries fees, Anne also applies for regular grants.