Group calls for public support

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A group campaigning to keep key historical buildings and features intact at the Kimberley Brewery Site is calling on town folk to join them in their fight.

The Save Our Brewery (SOBS) action group is concerned several of the old listed buildings are to be demolished as part of the plan to re-develop the site into housing.

SOBS member Andy Wickham said: “Whilst we are keen to see a new use for the site, we have serious concerns about the plan to demolish significant parts of Grade 11 listed brewery buildings and to gut other parts.

“We don’t believe the developers have sufficiently explored all avenues to conserve these historically important buildings.”

Metis Development has applied to demolish several parts of the listed buildings including a warehouse, a brewhouse, one of the two malthouses, the loading docks for the other malthouse and the malt store.

Mr Wickham went on to question the reasons.

“They plan to demolish the maltstore building fronting Hardy Street just in order to make way for a sign and some steps. This seems wrong and would have a negative impact on the conservation area.”

Alistair Russell at Metis Development said: “I want to reassure the public that the most important and iconic buildings will be retained and repaired for the future, including the tower. Over the last few years we have spent a lot of time looking at the economics of the brewery, some of the newer and more run down buildings need to be replaced otherwise it will be impossible to create a environment suitable for local businesses and create jobs.

Metis Development plan to build 91 houses, 39 apartments and various crafts units on the site.

People can email their feedback to or call 0115 917 3461.

The plans can be viewed at Broxtowe Borough Council’s offices or on the council’s website at