Group meets with planning officers...

NEAALC100721C2 - Hardy and Hansons Kimberley
NEAALC100721C2 - Hardy and Hansons Kimberley
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A campaign group has submitted its objection to the first planning application at the Kimberley brewery site and is urging anyone who ‘cares for Kimberley’ to do the same.

The Save Our Brewery Site (SOBS) group has officially opposed the plans for the Hardy Street site, claiming the houses opposite the main reception and the listed maltings buildings were not in keeping or ‘sympathetic’ to the location.

Chair of SOBS Darren Warner said ‘the devil was in the detail’ and urged anyone with an interest in Kimberley or who ‘cared for the town’ to log their objections by the end of November.

He has also arranged a meeting with planning officers.

Mr Warner told the Advertiser at the end of last month he thought the proposed terraced houses were ‘substandard’ and ‘not in keeping with the area’.

He said he has since seen the detailed plans and has now written to Broxtowe Borough Council making his group’s objection known.

“The devil is in the detail and now we can see the detail,” he said.

“The design of the house’s fronting on to Hardy Street opposite the main reception and the listed malting buildings are not sympathetic to the location.

“We encourage everyone to go on to the Broxtowe website and see for themselves,” Mr Warner said.

A spokesperson for developers Metis Developments said: “Our objective has always been to improve the character of the area and create the best value product for future homeowners, including first time buyers.

“The design was developed by experienced architects.”

The Hardy Street site planning application, called the Field Plan, is the first of several for the site.