GUEST COLUMN: Let’s work together in Kimberley


Community and, more importantly community spirit, is something that Kimberley has always had in abundance, from its mining and brewing heritage a sense of working together has been embedded into the lives of generations of Kimberley residents.

The need to make rural communities like ours robust and able to flourish despite the environmental, economic and social challenges of a rapidly changing world we face today is more vital than ever.

Kimberley is continuing to battle to keep its high street alive, we have a huge wealth of independent shops offering the service and range that is often missing in large chains but they need our support to compete and we need to make the effort when we can, to walk the extra few metres to support our local businesses as without them our community is much poorer.

As the local council we place great emphasis on building and maintaining a sense of belonging to the area in which we live. Obviously not everything we do will meet with universal approval but hopefully we all agree that the parties for our youngsters and free meals for pensioners are a great way to get people together and enjoy a social occasion at little or no expense. A quick plug for our next event which is a free Easter meal for our pensioners on April 16 – please get in touch to book your place.

Kimberley has secured the Freedom Parade that will march through our town on May 17 and this will be a great day for Kimberley and neighbouring areas to come together and remember those of World War One and of all conflicts.

The massive investment in the Stag play area, revitalising the football ground and getting local teams back in there, financing for the chapel and war memorial have all come about from working in partnership with other agencies, authorities and politicians of any or no political persuasion. It is that partnership working that gets things done.

We know that our community is full of enterprising groups and individuals, and as a council we want to support those with ideas to enhance our town. We are committed to assisting projects within Kimberley and would welcome applications or ideas to consider and work in partnership with.

We are proud that 50 per cent of the council is made up by women councillors and we want to ensure that remains the minimum position and for that to happen we need you to help us by getting involved. We have many working groups that are open to non-councillors to get a feel for what we do and always welcome as many of the public as possible to our meetings and these are advertised on the website.

Kimberley is a great town with many people that care about it, there may be different views and ideas but that is proof of the vibrancy Kimberley has and is what can make it even better in the future. We need to work together to make it happen so join us at our meetings, send us your ideas, keep in touch via our website and Facebook Kimberley Town Council and let’s keep working together for Kimberley.