Guest column: Travellers ‘abused’ parks by Keith Longdon

Cllr Keith Longdon
Cllr Keith Longdon

It is with regret that I have to report that a group of Travellers have well and truly left their mark on Jubilee Park, Church Street, Eastwood.

I’m afraid to say that, after a stint on the park behind Brinsley Parish Hall, they took the opportunity to gain access onto Jubilee Park last week.

I contacted the appropriate departments at both Nottinghamshire County Council and Broxtowe Borough Council.

I’m delighted with the speed both departments operated, hence why the 
Travellers did not stay too 

I also worked with the 
Springbank Primary School headteacher on hearing she had been verbally abused while escorting children from the school at home-time.

I then contacted the police who ensured that they had a patrol each day outside the school to ensure safety at all times.

On Saturday evening, the Travellers left. The clean-up operation started first thing Monday morning after I again contacted the appropriate departments.

It saddens me to see the devastation left behind. We are proud of our parks and play areas in Eastwood and to see them abused in this way is quite frankly, inexcusable.

I want to thank the many concerned residents that contacted me.

This is a clear example of Neighbourhood Watch working in a positive way.

Hopefully, Eastwood has seen the back of this group.

Another serious note is the anticipated reduction inpolice community support officers, whereby Eastwood will be hit hard.

Many of you will have signed the petitions going around and I know of many people that have written to their MPs appealing for their support.

We live in a deprived 
area and our PCSOs are so 
important to our community.

I implore you all to write to your MP and let them know of your concerns before it is too late. Let us show the PCSOs in our area they have our full support.

As always, report anything you see that is suspicious, however minor you might feel it 

We need to assist the police in whatever way we can, so always remember your call matters.

Ring 999 to report a crime in progress, or 101 for non-urgent issues.

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