GUEST COLUMN: What we have on our doorsteps

Taste of Success: Nygel Stevenson of the Madhatters Tea Rooms in Kimberley.
Taste of Success: Nygel Stevenson of the Madhatters Tea Rooms in Kimberley.

We search the internet, scour the glossy magazines and trawl around the big towns for our shopping, presents and what to do in our social life.
But do we ever just look in front of our noses to see what we have on our doorstep?
Independent retailers, coffee houses, bars, live music venues, artists, craft centres, wonderful walks and places of interest are just a few suggestions of what we, as local people to Kimberley, Eastwood, Nuthall, Watnall, Greasley etc..

literally have on our doorsteps.
The talent we have around us is unbelievable, award winning artists, skilled crafts people, authors, talented singer/songwriters and amazing musicians. 
Some of this talent can be seen in Kimberley this Saturday September 28 Toll bar Square 11am until 3pm for Kimberley’s first, FREE mini music festival. 
Some of the artists are very local and one has just appeared on X Factor.
So, why do we venture further afield for our entertainment and shopping when our lives are so full that having everything on our doorstep would not only save time, but also encourage the local economy? I hear you say, “choice, variety, they don’t stock what I want, the bars are empty, I didn’t know that shop was there”
All of these are lame excuses, talk to the retailers, talk to the managers of the bars and tell them what you would like to see on their shelves and in their establishments to make you go in.

I know that we do want variety, but you would be surprised if you looked under your nose and realised just what you have, ‘on your doorstep’.