Guided walk looking into family history

DH Lawrence fans can join a guided walk to learn all about his family and his short story, Odour of Chrysanthemums.

Leaving from the heritage centre in Mansfield Road tomorrow, the walk will explore the life of his aunt and uncle in Brinsley and take the route his father would have walked to work at the pit each day.

The walk will also take in many of the other sites which Lawrence wrote about in his work, including Brinsley Headstocks, some of the oldest wooden winding wheels in the country, as well as a cottage which belonged to his aunt Polly, which provided the setting for his short story, Vine Cottage.

The four mile guided walk is part of Nottingham’s Festival of Words and will start at 11am. Nottingham Festival of Words takes place at various venues throughout Nottinghamshire and will feature poetry, performance, literary walks, music, short stories, comics, workshops, dramatisations and much more.