Habitual thief banned from Eastwood shops for five years

Police image.
Police image.

Police are alerting that an 'habitual' shoplifter has been banned from entering shops in Eastwood for five years.

Lee Edwards, 24, of Larkfield Road, Nuthall, was sent to prison for 20 weeks and given a five-year Criminal Behaviour Order (CRIMBO) at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court on Monday after being convicted of 11 shop theft offences. The order prevents Edwards from entering an area of the town centre known as the "Eastwood Retail Exclusion Zone".

The court heard Edwards has 19 previous convictions on his record, 12 of them for theft. He would regularly enter businesses in Eastwood and attempt to steal food, drink and clothing to then sell to feed his drug habit.

Officers at Nottinghamshire Police said that many of the businesses had banned Edwards themselves but Edwards would pay no attention to ban and enter the store anyway.

Sgt Carl Holland added: “Edwards is a habitual shop thief who commits offences in order to feed his drug habit whilst showing no regards or respect for the businesses or the people who work there.

“He has persistently ignored attempts to ban him from stores and continues to not only enter stores but steal from them. Edwards has tormented a number of businesses in town and there staff in recent years.

“We hope this order is taken seriously by Edwards and he uses it as a catalyst to turn his life around. If he does not, he faces a long prison sentence.”