Half of shops serve illegal teen

Over half of Nottinghamshire shops tested in a Trading Standards operation either served a teenager purchasing alcohol without asking for identification or accepted fake ID which suggested he was underage.

An 18-year-old volunteer took part in the test purchases and carried an identification card which had a cartoon image of a person rather than a photograph of him and stated a date of birth that indicated he was aged 17.

The volunteer went into 22 shops across the county to buy alcohol, seven of which did not ask for identification and six checked his fake identification and still sold to him.

Trading Standards and Nottinghamshire Police encourage retailers to adopt the Challenge 25 policy in all cases when selling age-related products.

This means that where shop staff are uncertain about age or believe someone may be 25 or under, they will not sell to the customer unless they can provide an acceptable form of ID which shows they are old enough to buy such goods.

Trading Standards will be issuing advice to all the retailers who served the volunteer in this operation.

Retailers are advised to accept a proof of age which include a photograph such as a passport, driving licence or a PASS accredited proof of age card.

Information on PASS accredited proof of age cards can be found on http://www.pass-scheme.org.uk/

Advice and assistance on avoiding selling to children is available on Nottinghamshire County Council’s website on the Trading Standards pages.