Harzardous path is ‘not fit for use’

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Mums have collected more than 300 signatures on a petition to get something done about a dangerous path where two people have fallen and broken bones.

Diane Rowley and Susan Booth said the path leading up to Greasley Beauvale Primary School needed resurfacing, widening and gritting in icy weather because it was ‘not fit for use’.

One woman suffered a cracked rib after falling a few months ago and a grandparent fell and broke her wrist just before Christmas.

Diane, 47, said: “It’s so narrow and uneven and in winter the ice gets so compact because of the volume of people walking down there. There’s more than 300 pupils in that school. It’s the main access route so you can imagine the amount of parents, and also grandparents. It needs a grit bin, at least.”

The two women collected 200 signatures in under an hour at the school gates, to push to get something done. They have also collected a further 100 in local shops.

Susan, who has bought special rubber soles for her shoes to save falling when she drops her daughter off, said with the up and coming icy weather things are only going to get worse.

She said the sports centre car park also needs gritting during the winter because like the pathway, the compacted ice turned it into an ‘ice skating rink’.

“Both the car park and path are both trecherous in bad conditions. They’re not fit for use,” she said.