‘He is entitled to represent us’

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An Eastwood man has hit out at claims that a town councillor should not have worn his probus club chains for Remembrance Day.

Janet Shaw said on the Advertiser’s letters page last week that she ‘failed to see what relevance the Probus Club had to Remembrance Day’ and Cllr Don Rowley should have ‘left his chain at home’.

But probus member Gordon Keeling said 80 per cent of the club were ex-servicemen and Cllr Rowley, probus president, was fully in his right to wear the chain for the church service.

“It shouldn’t be picked up on. We are all ex servicemen and when I read this it made me angry.

“He should be entitled to represent all of us,” said Mr Keeling

“I love Eastwood, and Eastwood people, but we are losing touch when I read things like this.

“Don is a man you can rely on at any time and has always been one that would collect for any charity. It’s sad when people say things like that.”