Headteacher is so proud of her pupils

Pupils at Hollywell Primary School, Kimberley
Pupils at Hollywell Primary School, Kimberley

The headteacher at Hollywell Primary School in Kimberley has spoken about how proud she is of her pupils for raising so much money for charity.

The children recently raised a whopping £1,400 for the NSPCC and headteacher Denise Pilkington said it was about the fourth charity they had raised for so far this year.

Pupils at Hollywell Primary School, Kimberley

Pupils at Hollywell Primary School, Kimberley

“I think it’s amazing,” she said.

“Like all schools, we are always asking the children to bring in money for different things and it’s amazing in view of the fact that they had just recently raised a great amount for Sport Relief.

“They also raised money for a sponsored read which enabled us to spend £1,000 on new dictionaries. So they are always raising money.”

The pupils were sponsored to run as many laps around the playground as they could to raise the cash for the NSPCC.

The kids chose to fundraise after the NSPCC delivered an assembley to the school about cruelty to children and knowing how to stay safe.

Mrs Pilkington said: “The children responded in a positive way to what they were told in the assembley.

“They are concerned about children that are less fortunate than themselves.

“They really understood the whole concept of what they charity were getting across to them. Then their enthusiasm with raising the fabulous amount of £1383 makes us all very proud of each and every one of them. Our children just amaze us.

“I feel very very proud of them,” said Mrs Pilkington.

The headteacher said the school ethos was to think of others.

“The whole ethos of our school is we look out for someone else and our pupils really do look out for other people.

“That’s our school ethos – being respectful to others and showing compassion. It’s on our website that everyone matters and it’s true to the children.

“The children look after each other in the school playground, and we have a school council who work on values at the school.

“It’s apparent when you visit.

Mrs Pilkington said raising money for charity was an important lesson in school life.

“Fundraising is a part of teaching children what’s happening out there in the big wide world.

“It’s part of our culture that we raise money for charities and I think it’s very important that they are aware of what fundraising is and how it works.”

The NSPCC delivered their new ‘Speak out stay safe ‘assembly to two groups at Hollywell Primary School, one aimed at the younger children and one aimed at the older children.

The charity aim to ensure all children aged four to 11 learn this essential safeguarding information in a lively, interactive and memorable way.

Claire from the NSPCC said: “By the end of our visit we know pupils feel empowered and can speak out and stay safe.”

Last month children at Hollywell primary raised £157 for Sport Relief.

They hosted an event called ‘run a mile in fancy dress’ and each completed eight laps of the school field.