Eastwood could get brand new health clinic

NEAA 19-06-12 BE 10 Eastwood health clinic, Nottingham Road, Eastwood.
NEAA 19-06-12 BE 10 Eastwood health clinic, Nottingham Road, Eastwood.

A new purpose-built health clinic could replace the threatened building in Nottingham Road according to a letter sent to Eastwood MP Gloria De Piero this week.

The Advertiser revealed in June that the future of Eastwood Health Clinic was being reviewed by Nottinghamshire Primary Care Trust (PCT).

At the time, the organisation refused to reveal what plans they had in place for the future – only that all services currently provided at the clinic would remain in Eastwood.

But now in a letter passed to us by Ms De Piero from PCT chief executive Derek Bray, further details have emerged with the total cost of making necessary improvements to the existing building standing at £1.1m

As a result Mr Bray admitted they are looking at a number of options going forward both in the short- and long-term but one of the ‘likely’ options would be a brand new health clinic in Eastwood.

“We are committed to providing modern premises for the delivery of primary and community health services,” the letter reads.

“Plans for the longer term are currently in development; they are likely to include a purpose designed and constructed building in Eastwood.”

He said strategic planning work would start shortly to develop an Outline Business Case which will consider all the options for accommodation in Eastwood for primary and community services.

Amongst the short-term options being considered is closing the current building by December with the installation of temporary building on the current site to provide accomodation while work is started if necessary.

In the letter Mr Bray also revealed it was anticipated the 50 NHS staff currently based at the clinic would continue to provide services to patients in the Eastwood area once final decisions have been made.

Ms De Piero welcomed the news but warned the PCT that she would be keeping a close eye on developments.

She told the Advertiser: “It’s of the upmost importance that if building work does go ahead and the clinic has to close then exactly the same services remain available in any temporary accommodation at the site.

“After seeking assurances, the initial indication from bosses is that they will and I’ll now be watching very carefully to make sure that they stick to their word.

“If any residents remain concerned then please don’t hesitate to contact me on 01623 720 399 or gloria.depiero.mp@parliament.uk.”