Food allergy labelling on Nottinghamshire school menus

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Potential allergens which could affect children’s health are now clearly labelled in all Nottinghamshire primary school menus.

Food allergies affect up to 8 per centof children in the UK and recent European Union legislation has produced a list of 14 allergens that are often used as ingredients in school meals.

As a result, Nottinghamshire County Council has now added all 14 allergens as symbols to primary school menus.

Among the allergens identified are eggs, milk, nuts, cereals containing gluten, crustaceans and sesame.

Schools Catering Manager Helen Fifoot said: “We take the preparation and service of all our meals extremely seriously so that is why we have added these allergen symbols to our menus.

“Parents can now see at a glance what is in the food we prepare and easily identify any ingredients that may cause them concern with regard to their child’s health.”

She also advised parents/carers to check the list and if their child is allergic to a food not on the list to ask the school’s catering team for advice.

Allergen food labelling will be available at all secondary schools and Post 16 colleges who use the Council’s catering services from November 2014 .

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