GPs ‘in favour of’ bed cuts

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The group taking over NHS services in Erewash has claimed GPs are in ‘full support’ of plans to cut the number of beds almost in half at Ilkeston Community Hospital.

The statement has been made despite concerns from Littlewick Medical Centre GP Dr Paul Travell in last week’s Advertiser that the plan to slash beds from 36 to 20 was ‘very concerning’ and could put patients’ safety at risk.

Now the GP principal at the Nottingham Road surgery – who is also vice chair of NHS Erewash Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) – has said that the move is part of a plan to increase care in the community.

Dr Markus Henn said: “Dr Travell, who also works at the hospital with other local GPs, shares an interest with us all in supporting Ilkeston Community Hospital and its services for the local population.

“Patients are now spending less and less time on the wards at the hospital and the CCG is supporting the principle of investing unused resources into improving community services.”

Rakesh Marwaha, chief operating officer of the CCG, said that GPs were ‘in full support’ of Derbyshire Community Health Service’s plan.

“Patients should only be admitted to hospital when they need a higher level of care and spend less time there if admitted,” he said.

He said the group is working closely with providers, clinicians and social services to increase the level of community services.