Nottinghamshire: Have your say on care home standards

Healthwatch want to hear your views on Nottinghamshire care homes.
Healthwatch want to hear your views on Nottinghamshire care homes.

Healthwatch Nottinghamshire - an independent organisation that gathers and represents service user’s views - want to hear from residents, staff and people with relatives affected.

It is keen to hear about things that are working well, but also areas where there is room for improvement.

The group are undertaking the survey with the knowledge there is an increasing pressure on the sector.

It works with the people, who manage, pay for and inspect care homes to implement changes where they are necessary.

“In recent months there has been a lot of press coverage of problems in care homes, but we know that most care homes offer good care to their residents,” said Claire Grainger, chief executive of Healthwatch Nottinghamshire.

“We are keen that we hear about good care that people receive, but we also would like to hear about any problems in care homes early on.

“That way we can support residents and their relatives and carers to raise their concerns and help to improve the service they receive.

“Healthwatch Nottinghamshire is committed to working alongside the Care Quality Commission, Nottinghmahsire County Council and the NHS to bring about better care for care home residents across the county.”

Information leaflets have been distributed in care homes across Nottinghamshire. If you have an experience to share, telephone 0115 9635179 or visit

A county-wide campaign has been launched to inviting people to comment on the standards in Care Homes.