Heels set for charity walk

Men set for charity walk in heels
Men set for charity walk in heels

‘These Heels are Made for Walking !’ More than 30 supportive men will take to the streets of Eastwood this weekend in high-heeled shoes to raise awareness of the Broxtowe Women’s Project which champions the cause of victims of domestic abuse in the town.

Firefighters, teachers, police officers and medical professionals are amongst those participating in the “Walk in Heels” initiative which is part of the White Ribbon Campaign which was implemented initially to help women who have been subjected to physical and mental abuse.

Eastwood has the highest rate of domestic violence in the Broxtowe Borough and Notts.Police and Crime Commisioner Paddy Tipping and Eastwood’s Mayor Coun.Hazel Charlesworth are among those backing the event.

Originating in America the “ Walk in Heels” marks a first for the Broxtowe Women’s Project as it is the first charity event to be organised by members of staff.

Eastwood’s Mayor Coun.Hazel Charlesworth said “ While this is a fun event there is a very serious issue here that affects all members of the family who have experienced domestic violence..What starts as a difference of opinion between two people soon snowballs and before you know it other family members are drawn in and things soon get out of hand. On the other side of the coin the person affected most usually keeps things to themselves and suffers the consequences in silence.”

John Randle who is the Crew Manager at Eastwood Firestation who is taking part along with his firefighting colleagues said “ Domestic violence is something that happens to women who could suffer for a long period of time before eventually plucking up the courage to seek help”.

The Walk in Heels event takes place on Saturday 15th February starting at Dunnlite Café in Nottingham Road,Eastwood at 11-00 a.m and proceeding through the town to the War Memorial before returning and walking back again.

More male volunteers are needed to take part in the meaningful event and anyone wishing to register should call the Broxtowe Women’s Project on 01773-718555.