Help for the unemployed

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SIX unemployed people have started work with Broxtowe Borough Council as part of a scheme to help people back into employment.

Broxtowe Borough Council is supporting the Future Jobs Fund initiative by offering six-month job opportunities and on-the-job training to young people from across the county.

The candidates were selected from over 20 applicants from across Nottinghamshire who attended a special Future Jobs Fund open day last year.

The applicants will now receive further support thanks to on-the-job training available through the council, National Vocational Qualifications, help with finding future employment, money management training and careers guidance.

To be able to apply for the posts, you must live in Nottinghamshire, be aged between 18 to 24 and have been claiming Job Seekers’ Allowance for between six and 12 months.

For more information ring the council on 0115 917 3826 or email