Help to pay winter bills

A cold pensioner.
A cold pensioner.

As the nights start to draw in, Derbyshire Districts Citizens’ Advice Bureau is offering free advice to help consumers save energy, cut their bills and get all the support they are entitled to.

The Warm Home Discount scheme is a rebate that customers can get off their electricity bills to try to tackle increasing energy costs for vulnerable customers.

Customers on a low income may be able to claim a one off discount of £140 on their electricity bill.

DDCAB have helped many High Peak residents to claim a £140 discount on their electricity bill through the warm homes scheme.

We offer help and advice on how to check customers are on the best deal, information on grant schemes, switching tariff or supplier and help to insulate homes and reduce energy usage.

We’re keen to make sure that no-one pays a penny more than they need to on energy costs. More information on applying to your energy supplier for the Warm Home Discount is at and the Warm Home Discount Scheme helpline on 0345 603 9439, Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm.

Households who use heating oil don’t have the same ability to shop around as thoseon the grid. There is action that you can take to cut costs and save money, without having to turn down the heating.

Stocking up on oil now can help you to avoid the high costs of buying during the winter. The cost of oil is usually at its highest in December, January and February.

Make sure you shop around for the best price and ask suppliers about flexible payment options if you struggle to pay the whole cost up front.

It’s also worth checking whether there are any grants or discounts you are entitled to.

A quick call to the Energy Savings Advice Service on 0300 123 1234 will help you get to the bottom of that.