Heritage knocked to ground

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A Watnall resident says she is ‘horrified’ that an historic building in Kimberley is being knocked down to make way for housing.

The Queen Adelaide pub is almost 200 years old and the woman, who did not want to be named, reckons developers should be more sympathetic with the restoration of the building.

“I am rather horrified at the extent of the demolition work that is taking place,” she said.

“One third of the building on the corner which had an unusual chimney breast has been completely demolished along with the second floor, and windows have been bricked up.”

The property in Babbington Lane, Swingate, was built in 1816 and was originally a lace factory before it became a pub. Building work is currently underway to build two four bedroom houses, and a further four houses on the car park.

“The amount of cheap breeze blocks being used to patch up the stonework is absolutely shocking,” added the resident.

“The original stonework is a beautiful feature of the property and needed to be maintained for future generations. The council needed to protect this piece of our heritage. There’s not that many old buildings in Kimberley and it should be kept.”

The site was the subject of five planning application between 2010 and 2012.