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BRINSLEY Carnival has been cancelled this year, because not enough people have come forward to help organise it.

The carnival committee – now struggling with just four members – appealed to residents in the village for help with this year’s event.

But after two meetings and adverts across the village, only two people came forward and committee members were forced to cancel.

Committee member Dawn Potts said: “We have really tried to get more people on board but they are not prepared to come forward and help. I can’t believe it really out of the 4,000-odd houses in Brinsley.

“In a way I see it as they want a carnival, but they’re not prepared to help organise it.

“They seem to think it just happens each year. And I think to an extent people think it will go ahead anyway, despite what we say about not having enough hands. But unfortunately we’ve ended up having to call their bluff.”

Ms Potts said it was shame because it had been going for over 50 years.

“It’s a real shame,” she said. “It’s sad because it’s been going for many years and it’s a village tradition.”

The carnival committee held two public meetings to drum up support earlier this year and advertised for new members in the Advertiser, in shops and in parish council newsletters.

Two people attended the meetings who only wanted to help out at weekends, but the committee decided it was not enough help.

Ms Potts – who said committee members did not receive one phone call – said it would be ‘impossible’ to organise the event with such a small team, who all had full-time jobs to juggle.

“In the week’s leading up to the carnival, my mobile phone does not stop,” she said. “It’s jeopardising my job.

“Really, we need as many as eight people.”

But Ms Potts said she would do her ‘upmost’ to get more people on board next year.

“I’m sure after it not going ahead this year, people will realise and we will get more offers for next year.”

The committee will start drumming up support again when they start the meetings in September.

The carnival is funded with the money raised at the previous year’s event.

Money raised last year will be saved and go towards next year’s event.

Committee meetings take place once a month and then twice a month nearer the time.