Holiday laws will ‘punish families’

Furious parents claim ‘unfair’ new laws on term-time holidays will hit low income homes and erode family bonds.

From September schools across the country will no longer allow pupils leave for family getaways during term-time in a bid to cut the number of absences.

Parents will face £60 fines each for each of their children for breaking the rules - as well as a potential court hearing, if they don’t pay within 21 days.

But the new laws have sparked a furore among a group of Langley Mill parents.

Louise Thawley, of Ebenezer Street, takes her daughter Leah to Langley Mill Junior School.

She says lower income families with well attending children are being punished as they will not be able to afford more expensive peak-time holidays.

She said: “The Government just seem totally blinkered to how people live –they are pricing ordinary people out of going on a holiday.

“Going to places with different languages and different cultures is important for kids.”

Kelly Brown, 25, of the same street takes her boy Joshua to Greasley Beauvale Primary School in Eastwood.

She says parents will be tempted to incur the fines - as opposed to skyrocketing peak-time holiday prices which can be up to three times the cost of off-peak getaways.

She said: “We went to Cornwall in May and paid £320 for a top-spec caravan. If we had gone a week later the price jumped to £1,200. How can we afford that?”

Lisa Britt, of Elnor Street, Langley Mill, she says will not be able to see her family in Italy due to the law changes.