Hollywood to film Lawrence flick

Photograph of D.H. Lawrence probably taken in the 1920s
Photograph of D.H. Lawrence probably taken in the 1920s

Cinema heavyweight Sony Columbia Pictures has struck a deal to make DH Lawrence classic Lady Chatterley’s Lover into a movie — sparking hopes Hollywood could be heading to Eastwood.

Lawrence was born and bred in the town and took much of the inspiration for his novels from the area.

Now Sony has paid a reported £300,000 for the rights to the novel, which is set is set in the 1920s and tells the story of an aristocratic wife’s affair with gamekeeper Oliver Mellors.

It was first published in 1928 in Italy but was banned or censored in much of the world because of its explicit descriptions of sex and its use of some words that were then unprintable.

Pollinger Limited, which owns the rights to the author’s works, says that any movie could be filmed in Nottinghamshire.

It is understood a draft of the script has not yet been written and locations are undecided.

But although filming is a long way off, those behind the scenes are hopeful some will take place in Eastwood and other parts of Nottinghamshire.

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