Homelessness increases by 24 per cent in Nottinghamshire

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The Notts Housing Advice (NHA) charity is urging householders to seek their services after a new report revealed homelessness in Nottinghamshire has risen by 24 per cent.

Nottingham-based NHA is concerned that without early intervention residents may find themselves in a similar position.

The figures come from The 2013 Homeless Watch survey, now in its tenth year, which is an annual snapshot of homelessness in Nottinghamshire.

The report shows that 617 homeless people were seen across the county in 2013 during the two-week survey.

This is 121 more than the previous year and the highest number since 2009.

Sharon Batey, Manager for NHA, said: “These numbers are worrying and mirror the increase we have seen in our own workload.

Homelessness can result when a crisis such as ill health or a relationship breakdown leads to people losing control of their lives.

“We can help as long as people seek our support before it’s too late.”

HLG co-ordinated the Homeless Watch Survey between 23rd September and 6th October last year.

Its findings will be used to review local authority homelessness plans and strategies.

For free and confidential advice or to make an appointment with a Notts Housing Advice advisor, call the helpline on 0845 2414 515.

More information about the Homeless Watch Survey 2013 can be found at www.hlg.org.uk/homeless-watch.