Hope for Eastwood Ambulance Station

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Hopes have been raised this week that Eastwood Ambulance Station could be saved from controversial closure.

East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) is looking at ‘alternative options’ to closing 66 stations, including Eastwood’s, across the region.

The Advertiser understands one includes keeping 27 ‘hubs’ open, instead of just 13.

It was reported earlier in the week that a ‘leaked document’ revealed one of these extra hubs could be in Eastwood.

Officials at EMAS say no decision has been made and final plans are still evolving.

But Eastwood MP Gloria De Piero says it would be ‘great news’ if the 999 base on Nottingham Road was spared.

“If this is confirmed then it will be great news,” said the MP. “Especially for the people of Eastwood, who were dead against the plans.

“Let’s hope EMAS bosses have finally seen sense.”

But a spokesman for the organisation reiterated that consultation was continuing and the options were still being considered.

He said: “As a direct result of the feedback from the consultation, we are now looking at additional options.

“We are holding more workshops this month to look at the options and how they best meet the criteria.

“We’re still working on final plans and engaging with the local community. Therefore, no final recommendations have been made, and no final decision taken. That will happen on March 25 at our Trust board meeting.”

EMAS decided to look at alternative options as a result of the three-month public consultation, which looked at plans to close every station in Nottinghamshire except two – one in the city and one on Ashfield.