Hopes scarecrow trail will continue to grow

Moorgreen scarecrow trail
Moorgreen scarecrow trail

Organisers of the annual Moorgreen scarecrow trail have said they want the growing event to get bigger next year.

Scarecrows lined the streets over the Bank Holiday weekend as part of the third yearly festival.

The event attracted people from all over Eastwood as local residents were joined by people from the Greasley Gathering event on open top red busses.

Caroline Winfield, a member of the Moorgreen Residents Committee that co-ordinated the event, said that they want more people to get involved next year.

She added: “It was a very good event, we had more than 20 scarecrows out there based around a fictional character theme.

“It was very busy, especially down to the Greasley Gathering as a lot of people were out in the area.

Caroline said that people were taking part in the Moorgreen trail via the open top red busses coming from the Greasley event, she added:

“Each year we have managed to get more people involved with the event but we want it to be b igger next time.”

Residents in the area made a wide variety of scarecrows including a hand carved Wallace and Grommet, various Star Wars characters, pirates, James Bond and characters from Dickens books.

People raised money for various charities, including Marie Curie and Macmillan, through putting collection tins out with their scarecrows,

Caroline, who raised £38 for her charity, said: “We would like to thank everybody who got involved in our scarecrow festival, especially during the Greasley event.”