‘Horrific’ accident avoided on train track

British Transport Police officers are appealing for information after a large concrete troughing lid was placed on the running rails at Langley Mill railway station.

Police believe the concrete block was placed on the tracks at around 5.30am on Saturday, June 29.

Luckily the driver of a train passing through the station noticed the block on the track and managed to stop the train in time. No-one was injured and there was no damage caused to the train.

Inspector Mark Clements said: “Luckily the driver managed to spot the obstruction in time, however this could have been a lot more serious. Langley Mill station is positioned on a bank, if the train had hit the concrete, it could have quite easily have derailed and the consequences would have been horrific.

“Not only is it reckless behaviour by those responsible, but they put lives on the line.”

Call 0800 40 50 40 or with any information.