Housing plans are all about balance

I understand that the 650 new houses allocated for Kimberley was given to Broxtowe Borough Council by the previous national Government and then accepted and agreed locally.

The letter by Kimberley Town Council vice-chairman David Nunn in last week’s Advertiser seems to have skipped the point, being that, most people, including Kimberley Residents’ Association appreciate the fact that there has to be some house building.

Let’s not get distracted by that. Our point is that we are being asked, in my view, to take on more than our requirements and thus, Nottingham’s overspill.

The national burden is not Kimberley’s burden, who do the council represent? Kimberley has already took on its fair share in the last 20 years or so.

Kimberley has seen large-scale, in proportion to its size, affordable housing built. In fact 49 per cent of Kimberley’s housing stock is affordable housing, this is about balance, scale and proportion, that is the point.

Now, at this very late stage, we have a representative of the town council giving us what I believe is an unclear message with regard to there position to the 25 per cent increase in housing in Kimberley.

Although David Nunn says it is his own words, which is it?

Only two weeks ago a glossy leaflet was produced and distributed around Kimberley by the council, no mention of the looming mass house-building marked out for Kimberley.

To my knowledge, there has been nothing by the council to inform them about this huge step change to the area, only in the form of a counter reaction to the Kimberley Residents’ Association.

Eighty member’s of the public turned up at the Holy Trinity Church in Kimberley on Thursday, July 18, to hear about the proposed 650 houses.

The meeting, organised by the recently-formed Kimberley Residents’ Association, was to inform the public and to oppose the amount proposed.

All the local borough councillor’s were invited, along with the Kimberley Town Council chairman. None attended with out an apology.

The meeting was an enormous success as far as informing the public to what is going to happen and to move the campaign forward to the next stage.

So, let’s see Kimberley Town Council looking after the interests of the People of Kimberley.

Where does your loyalty lie?

Darren Warner