Housing plans ‘enough to give us nightmares’

NEAABE111005b2, councillors oppose plans to build houses around Babbington Village.
NEAABE111005b2, councillors oppose plans to build houses around Babbington Village.

THE chairman of Kimberley Town Council says sites proposed for housing development in the town are ‘enough to give you nightmares’.

The proposed sites were revealed at a Kimberley Town Council meeting last week where councillors said the town was not big enough for ‘swathes’ of new development and the roads were too narrow to cope with more traffic.

Council chairman Roy Plumb said: “When you look at these sites it gives you nightmares.

“The roads are just too narrow to handle the traffic. The system is still the same system as when people walked and went by horse and cart.

“Over the past 30 years Kimberley has more than doubled in size and we struggle as it is.”

Sites include greenbelt land in Babbington Village.

“It’s a beautiful village and it’s all farming land,” Cllr Plumb said.

“We shall protect our greenbelt to the last.”

MP Anna Soubry who is fiercely campaigning against the 6,000 houses proposed for the borough, went along to the meeting and said the sites proposed in Kimberley were a ‘farce’ and a ‘disgrace’.

Broxtowe Borough Council housing officer Steffan Saunders revealed the potential sites at a town council meeting last Thursday.

Councillors said the meeting was a ‘fiasco’ because the council did not make it clear it was a public meeting for anybody to attend.

Cllr Easom said: “I just want to make sure that this won’t go down as a ‘public consultation’.”

Councillors are now pushing for a second meeting to be held where members of the public will be ‘properly invited’.

Cllr Plumb said: “I am sure there would be a turnout to fill the hall.”

But the council said all housing meetings have been public, and dates have been advertised.

“We did our very best to ensure the widest possible publicity,” said a council spokesman.

“There were posters distributed widely, councillors were informed as well as other individuals and interested groups.”