How will you mark the World Cup?

World Cup logo
World Cup logo

It is now just days until the FIFA World Cup kicks off and football fans throughout Eastwood and Kimberley are sure to become engrossed by the competition in Brazil.

With the Three Lions of England set to take on Italy, Uruguay and Costa Rice, there is sure to be a rollercoaster for fans.

But there is also sure to be plenty of fun connected to the biggest football show on earth.

And we want to capture a snapshot of that throughout the Advertiser district.

Are you planning to decorate your house or vehicle with the Cross of St George? Will you be spraying a giant Three Lions logo on your home?

If you’re planning something spectacular, then get in touch with us. You can also let us know if you are a pub or venue setting up something spectacular.

Email, call us on 0115 9446162 or tweet us @EKAdvertiser.