HS2 train will blight lives and landscape

M1 motorway bridge at Nuthall
M1 motorway bridge at Nuthall

Nuthall councillors expressed concerns about the high speed HS2 train at a recent meeting.

At a Broxtowe Borough Council meeting last week Philip and Jill Owen said the route should be changed to go through the Erewash Valley as there is already existing track there.

Coun Philip Owen said: “We expressed grave concern about the route that is propoised to come through Nuthall and Strelley. We said the Erewash Valley route should be considered becasue there is existing track there and it would stop the damage to Nuthall.”

The Owens said views of the greenbelt would be ‘blighted’, there was not enough litigation regarding noise and said they had ‘grave’ concerns about the height of the train track.

“The track will be 40ft high going through Nuthall, and then it will have all the gantries such as over head wires. It’ going to be enormous.”

Several residents in Nuthall will have to give up their homes to make way for the high speed train.

But councillors say residents are being treated unfairly and their lives have been ‘devastated’ by the plans.

“We also have grave concernS that there’s no real compensation package in place.

“We have people in Nuthall whose lives have been blighted for the past two years.

“They can’t sell their properties and they can’t move. Their lives have been put on hold. It’s so, so unfair.”

Philip and Jill Owen put their concerns forward at a meeting about route changes.

broxtowe Borough Council will now forward on their concerns to HS2, and will wait for a response.

Nuthall parish Council is now organissing a meeting with the engineering team at HS2.

Proposals include the track running next to Nuthall’s motorway bridge which goes across the B600.