Hucknall businesses suffer flooding again as storm hits region

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Cries of ‘Oh no not again’ could be heard across Hucknall on Monday as another freak storm hit the district.

At around 1pm, sunshine turned to torrential rain and roads were transformed into rivers as once again many drains failed to cope with the deluge of water.

Less than a year since a freak summer storm struck, residents and businesses were put on high alert and feared for their homes and livelihoods.

“We just thought oh my god - not again,” said Magdalene Dawson, manager of the Sue Ryder charity shop on Ogle Street which only reopened in November last year after a three month clean-up operation following the July floods of 2013.

“Luckily we had flood boards fitted last year and we managed to get them slotted in as the rain started which did manage to hold back the water,” added Magdalene.

“But the road was a river and the water did manage to seep in through the door. If it had continued to rain any longer we would have been in trouble again.

“The pavement outside the shop has also cracked and lifted making it hazardous. Something needs to be done or it will just keep happening.”

Shops in the centre of town near Wilkinson’s were also hit hard with water running down the pathway from Piggins Croft car park.

“This is the second time we have been flooded since I set up 10 years ago,” said Hallmark card shop owner, Michael Park. “Water was about two inches deep and we were here until 8pm using carpet cleaners to clear the water.

“I have to run a dehumidifier now because if the cards get damp they will be ruined.”

Meanwhile an optical assistant at neighbouring opticians DI Blow, Julia Foxall, was on her own as the flood waters hit.

“It came too quick so I couldn’t manage to get our flood prevention boards in place on my own,” said Julia who said the staff use them every night as part of their lock up routine. “It was like a river running down here.”

Appointments had to be cancelled for two days as the carpet had to be ripped up again and dehumidifiers set running.

“We can’t get insurance anymore and the owner has to cover the cost himself,” said manager, Julie Durland. “Neither the landlord, Wilkinson’s or the authorities will take responsibility for the problem.

“It is having an effect on the business and the smell, once the shop has been flooded, lingers for months - it can’t be healthy.”