Hucknall’s David is fired from The Apprentice

Hucknall’s David Stevenson says he did not deserve to get fired from this week’s episode of the hit BBC TV show The Apprentice.

The 26-year-old heard the immortal words from Lord Sugar after his team lost a task in which they had to plan a children’s party.

But David said he felt a bit hard done by after his teammates held him responsible for the defeat.

They said that by ruining t-shirts to be given out to party guests, the team lost £175 and so he was mainly responsible for losing the task.

He said: “I should not have been fired.

“Everyone I spoke to who has watched the show said that Gary should have been fired.”

“I did want to win the show, I expected to win if I am honest. It’s a shame it had to end so abruptly,” he added.

David, who works in sports marketing, said that taking part in the long-running series had been really ‘enjoyable’ and an ‘unforgettable experience’.

“I met so many people, I have made so many friends,” he said.

“You learn about yourself, how business works and it’s really impressive how much you can do in so little time in the tasks.”

David’s favourite task of the process was back in week two when the teams had to design a marketing campaign for shampoo.

“It was my best because I managed to come up with the name and drew the logo and marketed it as well, in terms of the editing and directing. I did everything for it.”

The week he project managed a task that saw the teams selling items at a pet show was also a highlight and a moment he described as a ‘turning point’ because it helped him gain the respect of his rivals.

David’s business proposal for Lord Sugar was to invest in his sports marketing company, Channel 10 Media, and help it to launch in the overseas market.

Since leaving The Apprentice he has started to make this a reality - without Lord Sugar’s help.

David added: “He is more than welcome to give me a call and I will listen to what he wants to say, but his £250,000 won’t buy him a 50 per cent share in the business anymore!”