Hucknall school denies student was poisoned by chlorine in science experiment

The  National Church of England Academy in Hucknall
The National Church of England Academy in Hucknall

A Hucknall school has denied accidentally poisoning a student with chlorine during a science lesson.

The allegation that a year 10 National Academy student required medical attention in hospital following a lesson on Friday, was shared via Facebook over the weekend.

An investigation was launched at the school this morning (Tuesday) with students “who were involved in the lesson” spoken to “in order to help establish the facts.”

A school spokesman said: “Following our investigation, we are satisfied that the illness to the student did not occur as a result of being present during the science experiment or anything that has happened at the National Church of England Academy.

“Our academy director is liaising with the family to establish exactly what may have occurred – our main concern at this time is that the student makes a full and speedy recovery.

“The health and safety of all students within the academy is of paramount importance at all times. We ensure that all activities of this nature in the science department and elsewhere in the academy are fully risk assessed before student participation occurs.”

A Facebook message, urging students who “were in the science lessons on Friday afternoon” to contact King’s Mill Hospital, was circulated over the weekend.

A pupil became “very ill after doing a science experiment at school making chlorine”, the message states.

“She is now in hospital very ill from the toxins/gases from this experiment,” it said. “It has caused her lungs to expand resulting in a very nasty infection.”

The leadership team say the activity was “a controlled experiment set-up by experienced and qualified members of teaching staff and science technicians.”

The spokesman added: “Correct health and safety procedures were followed – all students were briefed on the experiment and were wearing personal protective equipment appropriate for the activity.

“The length of the experiment was very short as per recommended guidelines.

“The academy has today spoken with the students who were involved in the lesson, in order to help establish the facts associated around this allegation.”