Huge bird’s egg discovered at school

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PUPILS at Mornington Primary School in Nuthall had an exciting project on their hands last week when an egg from a giant bird was discovered in their playground.

Teachers planted the egg on a bed of twigs and called in friends and local actors to pretend to be professors and scenes of crime officers, and asked a local PCSO to drop by to make it convincing for the kids.

The scene was set up as part of an exciting project to encourage more creative writing skills in school.

Children spent the week researching what type of egg the bird might have come from, writing various pieces of work on the project.

Teachers told pupils that the school site manager had taped off the area and called in the authorities when the discovery was made last week.

Masters student Dan Johnson at Nottingham University and colleague Phil Moores, a youth worker with scientific knowledge, led the proceedings with their expertise, taking samples from the egg and a giant feather found nearby, and running different tests.

They were joined by professor Greg Smart, an actor in a Kimberley amateur dramatics group, and police officer Abi Keeling.

‘Professor Smart’ told the children he thought the egg had come from a bird such as the Tawny Crane or Great Crested Eagle Owl.

Headteacher Linda Azemia said: “The nest and egg was the talk of the school. Everyone was interested to hear the experts findings!”