Hundreds at risk of losing their homes

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Staggering statistics released by a housing and homelessness charity have revealed that hundreds of residents in Eastwood and Kimberley face losing their homes.

The figures, revealed by the charity Shelter, show that there were 378 home posession claims in Broxtowe through the year 2013/2014.

That boils down to one in every 124 residents.

Around 300 households in the East Midlands are at risk of losing their homes every week, with Broxtowe being ranked 14th out of 40 areas in a league table for the reigon regarding the rate of possession claims.

Campbell Robb, the chief executive of Shelter, said that getting advice can mean the difference between losing a home and keeping it.

He added: “These staggering figures show just how many families in the East Midlands go through the trauma of learning their home is at risk, every single week.

“People are hearing that the economy is recovering, but we’re seeing the reality that many families across the country are still battling to keep their heads above water.”

The statistics show that across the region, 16,000 homes are at risk.

A spokesman for Broxtowe Borough Council said: “In 2013/2014 the council successfully prevented 423 households from becoming homeless through active casework.

“This was done by either allowing the household to remain in the property or by offering them alternative accommodation before the point of homelessness.

“The council assists those who are being threatened with being made homeless with advice and assistance to help them obtain a property in both social and private housing.”