Hundreds of elderly people abused in Broxtowe

Elderly people are targeted for abuse in the Eastwood area, according to the findings of Nottinghamshire County Council.
Elderly people are targeted for abuse in the Eastwood area, according to the findings of Nottinghamshire County Council.

More than 300 reports of abuse of elderly people in the Eastwood and Kimberley area were reported during 2017/18, shock, new statistics have revealed.

The figures have been released by Nottinghamshire County Council to coincide with World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, which is tomorrow (Friday).

Coun Stuart Wallace, the chairman of the council’s adult social care and public health committee, said: “We reveive more reports about abuse affecting older people than any other age group.

“World Elder Abuse Day is shining a light on this important international issue.”

The statistics show that there were 307 reports of abuse of people aged over 65 across the Broxtowe borough in 2017/18. Of these, 164 led to a full inquiry.

Across the county as a whole, almost six out of ten reports of adult-abuse related to the elderly. In total, there were 2,786 reports, of which 1,575 warranted full inquiries.

The examples of abuse of elderly people included physical, sexual and financial and also cases of neglect.

In Ashfield, which includes Selston, the number of reports received was 442, of which 249 led to a full inquiry. The figure of 442 was the second highest of all areas within the county council’s jurisdiction, behind only the 472 reported in Newark and Sherwood.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day aims to educate people on how to prevent abuse and how to get help if they or someone they know are being abused or might be at risk of abuse or neglect.

Coun Wallace added: “We should never tolerate any form of abuse, so we encourage local people to keep an eye on older people they may know.

“Please report anything of concern to the county council, particularly if you believe elderly people are being subjected to abuse or neglect.”

Important work is being carried out by the Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Board (NSAB) to try and cut down on the number of people subjected to abuse.

It carries out training with key professionals, such as social workers, care-home managers and police officers, to help ensure they report any of their safeguarding concerns effectively.

A spokesperson for the NSAB said: “Our vision is for a county where all adults can live a life free from abuse or neglect. If you witness abuse or neglect, don’t ignore it.

“Please report it as soon as possible. It can happen anywhere, even in the street or in a person’s home.”

Anyone who has concerns about an elderly person being abused or neglected should contact the county council on 0300 5008080. For more information, visit its website.