Hundreds of homes planned for our towns

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AROUND 1,770 new homes could be built in the Eastwood and Kimberley area in the next 15 years, it has been revealed.

Steffan Saunders, Broxtowe Borough Council’s planning policy manager, gave a talk about future development in the borough at a Kimberley Town Council meeting where he said 6,100 new homes had to be built in Broxtowe between 2009 and 2026.

He said built up areas would cater for about 3,000, and the other half would be split, with 1,250 going in Toton and Stapleford and 1,770 going in Kimberley, Eastwood, Watnall, Nuthall and Brinsley – about 104 new houses a year.

Mr Saunders said the north east, north west and south of the Kimberley and Watnall area had been potentially identified to accommodate some of the housing.

The talk was part of a second round of consultations on the developments.

The first wave looked at putting more property in the south of the borough, whereas the new plans involve spreading it out more evenly.

But Kimberley Town Council chairman Roy Plumb said Kimberley had already had its share of new housing.

“Last time I remember we had it all in Kimberley with none in the south of the borough. It’s high time it’s distributed just in the south,” he said.

“It’s fair to say the development that has taken place over the last ten years has done nothing for our infrastructure. Everything that gets developed in Kimberley pours out onto these very narrow roads.”

Cllr Andy Cooper echoed Cllr Plumb’s concerns.

“There has been a significant amount of development with very little benefit in the past,” he said.

Land off Woodhouse Way in Nuthall has been earmarked for development and around 100 properties at the Kimberley Brewery site, a mixture of normal and affordable housing, have been included in the plans.

Talks will take place at all town and parish council meetings over the next couple of month where councillors will be asked for their opinions on how much development their areas can take, where they think property should go and what facilities the area might need to cater for the extra housing.

A public consultation on the proposals is now running until October 3 and final decisions will be made in January next year.