“I get 250 smiles a day and it’s great”

Springbank Primary School teacher Adam Lumley, pictured with students
Springbank Primary School teacher Adam Lumley, pictured with students

Adam Lumley works as a primary school teacher in Eastwood and says he loves his job because he is “met with 250 smiles every day”.

Mr Lumley, who teaches year six at Springbank Primary School, said his job enables him to be surrounded by happiness and optimism, and offers him great opportunities.

“Every day is different so it’s never boring,” he said.

“I get 250 smiles every single day off the children and that it genuinely what I love most about the job.

“It’s great coming in, I get 250 good mornings every day.

“You wouldn’t get that working in an office!

“That’s why I’m still here. I really do love it.”

Mr Lumley, who teaches the school’s 11-year-olds, has worked there for 16 years.

He used to work at Eastwood Infants School before the infants and juniors were amalgamated five years ago.

“I feel part of the community in Eastwood,” he said.

“I feel people in the community know me here now, because I’ve taught for generations.

“I have actually taught quite a few parents.

“I see people grown up having children of their own and sending their children here.

“When you walk down the street and you get people remember you and giving you big hugs, it’s lovely.

“They come back in and say hello, it’s great. I love that.”

Mr Lumley said he found teaching rewarding because you can make an impact on the children’s lives.

“I find it really valuable working here and I get a lot out of it.

“The children are absolutely lovely and they are so appreciative of everything you do. It’s very rewarding.

“I can make an impact on so many people’s lives doing this job,” he said.

The 42-year-old said the school offered the children great experiences throughout the year.

He said pupils have previously made a film about bullying that has been shown at Nottingham’s Broadway cinema.

They worked with a film maker from Romania to create ‘Page Not Found’, about bullying and internet safety.

“One day you’re filming and then the next day you’re doing something else,” he said.

“This week the kids have gone to the theatre.

“It gives them a taste of different things.

“Eastwood is quite far away from the cities so it’s good to give them a taste of what’s out there.

“We’ve taken them to Oxford University, we’ve had scientists here from local universities to do experiments.

“They’ve even gone to work with an established orchestra for a performance at the Royal Concert Hall.”

And he said the experiences are just as beneficial for the staff.

“We had a Paralympian here not long back, I’ve worked with the fire service and been in a fire engine, I’ve learnt First Aid.

“It’s so varied.

“I get to go to so many interesting places and meet so many interesting people.

“It’ amazing what opportunities the kids get nowadays and we are just lucky going along on the ride.”