I still work hard for this area


Seldom have I read a more ill-informed letter than the one from Mrs Vicky Jones, in last week’s Advertiser, nor one with a more obvious ulterior motive.

It takes very little intelligence to conclude that a person does not choose to live for 41 years in a place that is horrible.

Neither should it take much intelligence to realise a person who has twice been the mayor of Eastwood and served on two local schools as a governor, knows that the huge majority of local youngsters are good, honest kids.

It is a no-brainer to realise that my decision not to take my council seat in 2007, would later be seen to be an inspired one as that council very soon lost the quality council accreditation, and more importantly its excellent council building leaving this council grubbing around for premises to meet in.

It should take little intelligence to know that having served as vice chairman on the CAB management committee, trustee and president of Eastwood Age Concern management committee and vice president of the Heanor Hospital League of Friends committee, I have helped the needy, elderly and the sick.

It takes little intelligence to realise all of this and speaks volumes that Mrs Vicky Jones does not.

I would like to thank all of you who have contacted me after reading her letter and finally would give this advice to Mrs Vicky Jones, sack your researcher and script writer, they have failed you badly.

Cllr Don Rowley