‘I will not be deterred’

Physiotherapist Kerstine Herbert
Physiotherapist Kerstine Herbert

A Kimberley mum who took on a 95 mile running challenge battled through 40mph gale force winds, torrential rain and temperatures that almost hit freezing.

Kerstine Herbert suffered mild hyperthermia for the last 20 miles of the run – but said it has not put her off, and she plans to do it all over again next year.

The fitness fanatic, who runs a physiotherpy clinic in James Street, completed the monster challenge over the Scottish Highlands in just 30 hours.

“It was horrendous,” she said.

“The weather really caught us all off guard.

“It was summer but we had torrential gale force winds and it was one degree going over Glencoe.

“It was pretty tough. I can’t believe I did it when I look back.”

Kerstine – who had to endure two nights without sleep during the run – said the hardest part was from Glencoe to the finish line in Fort William.

“I had a bit of mild hyperthermia for the last 20 miles which took it out of me. It was really tough going. I had to dig deep,” she said.

“Mentally it took a lot out of me. Having to push myself to those limits.

“I lost my love for running for a couple of weeks. When I finished I thought I would never want to run again but I was just physically and mentally exhausted.”

Kerstine wanted to complete the race in 24 hours, and is now planning on doing it again next year to see if she can achieve her goal.

“It’s not put me off at all. I’m planning to do it again next year,” she said.

“I feel quite disappointed that it took me so long to do the last bit. So that part of me sort of thinks I could do better.”

Kerstine’s husband ran the final 14 miles with her.

“He talked to me and took my mind off it. Without him I don’t think I would have got through it, she said.”

Participants have to complete the West Highland Way ‘ultra’ running challenge in under 35 hours.

150 runners managed it, while 60 dropped out due to the conditions.

Kerstine had to have two weeks off work to recover after the run, and suffered badly swollen feet and ankles.

She is also doing a 60 mile run on the Isle of Arran next April.