Iceland staff delighted at workmate’s win

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STAFF at the shop where lottery winner Cassey Carrington worked said they were ‘amazed’ and the shop was ‘buzzing’ after they heard the news.

Workers at Iceland in Eastwood where Cassey was supervisor said the atmosphere in the shop immediately changed after they were told their colleague had scooped £45m.

Duty manager Jen Duffin said: “We were amazed. The shop was just buzzing. We really felt it for her.”

Ms Duffin said Cassey had called in sick on the day she found out, but the manager did not tell them all until the following day, just hours before Cassey and her boyfriend appeared at a press conference.

“She had the day off on the Wednesday but we weren’t allowed to know why, which was quite normal,” said Ms Duffin.

“The manager got us all together in the back the next day at 2pm to tell us. It was just amazing.

“Customers started to come in saying ‘we’ve seen her on the news’ and the shop started to get really busy with people coming in just to see if it was true.”

The duty manager said she text Cassey to ask if she was okay, and said she ‘got the impression it had not sunk in yet’.

She said the 20 members of staff were all friends because it was a small team.

“We all get on. It’s like a little family,” she said.

Iceland shopper Julieanne Henton said: “It didn’t take long to get round in this small town. I say well done to her. You’ve got to be in it to win it!”