Ikea takes action over horse meat

Ikea Giltbrook
Ikea Giltbrook

Shoppers at Ikea’s landmark store in Giltbrook say they are ‘shocked’ after the company withdrew some meatballs and wiener sausages amid fears they contain horse meat.

On Monday, the Swedish giant announced it was pulling a specific batch of meatballs from its shelves across Europe after tests by officials in the Czech Republic discovered traces of equine DNA.

On Wednesday it made the move to stop selling some of its popular sausages — from the same Swedish supplier as the meatballs — ‘as an extra precaution’.

The company said the decision had not affected the supply of meatballs to its restaurants and it was taking the discovery ‘very seriously’. Some meatballs are still available to buy.

Customers at the store at the Giltbrook Retail Park spoke to the Advertiser.

Jennifer Marshall said: “There’s a lot of kids eat those meatballs. It’s shocking.”

Her husband, David, said it was ‘a sign of the times’.

Angela Hackett said she did not feel horse meat posed a danger, but was concerned that customers did not know what might be in their food.

“You wouldn’t go into a shop, buy a foundation, and then find out it’s moisturiser, would you?” she said.

Helen Pennington added: “It seems to be everywhere. I‘m not concerned health wise — they eat horse in France.”

Ikea is the latest big name to be caught up in the horse meat crisis. Tesco, Asda and Findus are among companies to confirm horse meat has been found in some products. But at no stage has there been the suggestion the horse meat is a health risk.

Ikea food services boss Anders Lennartsson said: “We take this situation very seriously.It is extremely important for us that our customers can trust the product specifications.”

Another spokesman said: “Ikea is committed to serving and selling high-quality food that is safe, healthy and 
produced with care for the environment and the people who produce it.

“We do not tolerate any other ingredients than the ones stipulated in our 
recipes or specifications, 
secured through set standards, 
certifications and product analysis by accredited