Kenneth Woodhead chairman Tennants and residents association eastwood, launching a petition about getting a oneway system.
Kenneth Woodhead chairman Tennants and residents association eastwood, launching a petition about getting a oneway system.

EASTWOOD Tenants’ and Residents’ Association has warned that illegal parkers in the town are putting elderly people’s lives at risk.

The group has received complaints from residents about congestion caused by drivers parking illegally on yellow lines at the top of Albert Street and Victoria Street.

Chairman Ken Woodhead and secretary Phil Turner claim motorists are creating pinch points in the roads which could make it difficult for emergency services to pass.

And the group says particular concerns have been raised about the safety of pensioners living at the Hopkins Court warden-aided complex, situated between the two roads, where a lot of elderly people live.

Mr Turner said: “Ambulances could take five minutes or more to get from the top of Victoria Street or Albert Street to the complex and it could be the difference between life and death.”

An Eastwood flower shop worker the Advertiser spoke to, who asked not to be named, said she had seen an ambulance struggling to reach a collapsed patient because of cars parked illegally.

She added: “I remember there was a medical emergency not long ago and the ambulance took five minutes just to get down Albert Street.

“The back streets are too tight to clog up with parked cars. It’s dangerous but drivers don’t seem to realise.”

Motorists are currently allowed to park up for five minutes, but if they stay longer than that they are issued with a ticket.

Mr Turner said the congestion of cars waiting to pass can often back up to Nottingham Road and the association has now launched a petition in a bid to fight the problem.

Members would like to see the road narrowed or made one-way, so there would be no room to park up, and want bollards put up to stop people pulling up to nip into the shops.

“They shouldn’t be there full stop,” he said.

“You see drivers park up and go into the bank and nearby shops, and then they are angry when they come out and have a ticket. What do they expect?

“The worst thing is there’s a car park just 30 metres away! The first hour is free so I don’t know why they don’t just park there.”

Members of the tenants’ group attended an Eastwood Town Council meeting on Monday night to tell councillors they had launched the petition, and said they would bring it to next month’s meeting for everyone to sign.

It will be available to sign in the town’s library, rent office and sports action office and will be submitted to Nottinghamshire County Council’s highways department.